ENBON stadium application, displays the player information, game pictures, connects the referee system, wonderful scenes, slow motion playback.

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Market Application

Gym LED display application:

1. Basic player information, game shots, wonderful top ten balls, and ultra-high display breaks limitation of the traditional display screen.

2. Connect the referee system and timing and scoring system, LED screen can play game time and score in real time.

3. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, and close-up shots bring the audience a perfect visual feast.

4. The broadcast of commercial advertisements icing on the cake for the competition. The perfect picture quality and sound effects make the scene more competitive and shocking.

Core features

ENBON fixed installation features:

1. 960x960mm iron cabinet, stable structure, not easy to deform;

2. Front and back maintenance installation, adapt to various installation environments;

3. Super high refresh display, fast frame changing speed, eliminate ghosting without tailing;

4. Fast installation and maintenance of modules without screws, saving assembly cost and efficiency;

5. Anti-ultraviolet and anti-deformation module kit, the packaging screen is flat and not deformed;

6. 320 * 320mm standard module, precise machining standard iron cabinet is simple in design, light and convenient;

System architecture

System architecture for Judao hallJudao hall

System architecture for Football fieldFootball field screen

System architecture for Basketball hallBasketball hall

Value Point


Professional technical solutions


Perfect construction process


Fast and quality service


Design integrated with architecture

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