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Mobius Ring

Mobius ring, there is no plane of beginning and end, cyclically and endlessly, so "∞" is defined as infinite, and it also symbolizes eternal eternity. Coming to the Science and Technology Museum, the creative LED Mobius ring-shaped display uses ligh

Product advantages:

  1. Flexible soft module can support any creative design
  2. Easy for installation and assembling
  3. Module mask is made of silicone, flat and transparent

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Technical Parameters

Mobius Ring

  Parameter Sheet
Pixel pitch 3mm
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Module pixel 80*40
LED packaging method SMD2121
Configuration instructions MBI5124
Module thickness 7mm
Module weight 250g
Module power ≤18W
Drive voltage DC5V
Module interface HUB-75D/B
Brightness ≥1000/㎡
Viewing Angle ≥120°(Level),≥120°(vertical)
Gray scale Display 16.7M colors
Frame change frequency ≥60Hz
Refresh rate ≥1920
Way to control Video, VGA/computer control
Drive way 1/20s
Display color 16777216 colors
Max Power 800W
Average Power 200W
Protection level IP43



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