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G Series Transparent

Mainly used for indoor and outdoor fixed installation.
Single-sided and double-sided display.
The cabinet is light in weight. Easy to install.
Transparent led screen, simple structure, aluminum profile structure and transparent PC panel.

Product advantages:

  1. Transparent screen, bright, colorful  ultra-high refresh rate, Symphony, attracting attention;
  2. The transparent screen can be installed indoors due to its transparency. The skeleton is all movable lock, easy to install and operate, no need to remove the module, only need to replace the unit parts, maintenance is simple and saves manpower.
  3. Transparent screen, because the lamp beads and strips are exposed, and the texture is light, the highest protection level is IP46. Due to the specific requirement for transparency, the minimum spacing can achieve the clear effect of P3.

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Technical Parameters

G Series Transparent

parameter LED Transparency Display
Pixel Pitch 3.9*7.8mm 7.8*7.8mm 8*10mm 10*10mm 16*16mm 20*20mm
Pixel Configuration SMD1921/2020/1206 SMD1921/2020/1206 SMD1921/2727/1206 SMD1921/2727/1206 SMD3535/3120 SMD3535/3120
Transparency Rate >70% >75% >80% >80% >85% >90%
Pixels 32256dots/m2 16384dots/m2 12500dots/m2 9216dots/m2 3096dots/m2 2304dots/m2
Viewing Distance 4m 8m 16m 18m 18m 20m
Panel weight 12kg/m2 16kg/m2 16kg/m2 18kg/m2 18kg/m2 18kg/m2
Cabinet Material Aluminum/PC panel
Type box
Type box
Type box
Type box
Type box
Panel Size 1000x 500mm(W×H) 1000x 500mm(W×H) 1024x480mm/
1000x 500mm(W×H) 1024x480mm/
1000x 500mm(W×H)
Max Consumption 600w/M2 600w/M2 800w/M2 800w/M2 800w/M2 600w/M2
Ave Consumption 240w/M2 240w/M2 300w/M2 240w/M2 240w/M2 180w/M2
Scan Mode 1/7Scan 1/8Scan 1/4Scan 1/4Scan 1/1Scan 1/1Scan
View Angle 140°/110°(H/V)
Refresh Rate 3840 Hz
Gray Scale 14bit
Using Environment Indoor
Brightness 1200~6000Nits
Control Mode USB / HDMI / WIFI /Cable
Support Sideo Format MP4,AVI, WMV
Lnput Voltage AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Humidity 35%~85%(work),10%~90%(store)
Temperature 0°C~40°C(work) , - 20°C~60°C(store)
Support Pole Hanging/Stocking
Packaging Flight Case/Wooden Case



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