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Shenzhen enbon Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. founded in February 2012, is one of the leading producers of indoor and outdoor energy-saving display. Enbon is also a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales.

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About enbon

Enbon Overview

Enbon Company Front

Enbon founded in February 2012, is one of the leading producers of indoor and outdoor different type led screen. Enbon  is also a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Enbon has 10 software and hardware engineers with 10 years of research and development experience, and 3 high-tech talents with 10 years of display management experience. Providing professional OEM / ODM services. Enbon has more than 150 employees, and provides customized and professional project products and services as its core competitiveness.

Enbon products cover two series of direct plug-in (DIP) and SMD surface mount, which fully meets the requirements of different point spacing, visual distance, brightness and environmental requirements for applications. Established a complete product development, production and quality management system, It has 8 fully-automatic imported SMT production lines, 4 fully-automatic printing machines, and 2 fully automatic drying lines for outdoor products, which can fully meet the needs of different orders and specifications. The products have passed CCC, FCC, CE, IAF, ROHS and other international Standard certification, product and enterprise qualification certification, product test report and patent certificates are complete.

Enbon Factory

Since the development of Enbon, the marketing network has spread all over the world. At present, it has its own sales centers in South Korea, Japan, India and Qatar, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world. There are sales centers in Yangzhou, Sichuan, Hunan, and Shanghai of China, and the sales network keeps expanding.Enbon Display has won many important honorary titles such as "Top Ten Engineering Brands", "Top Ten Channel Brands", "China Famous (Famous) Brands", "China Green Environmental Protection Brands" and many other industries.

Quality is the life of an enterprise. Enbon believes that product quality is the most direct strength of a company. Enbon has undergone strict checks from the raw material inspection of the product to the production process to ensure that the product quality management system and quality control are in the leading position in the industry. In order to achieve the improvement of product quality, we continue to carry out technological innovation, introduce advanced testing equipment and automated production equipment, and gradually optimize every detail in the production process, constantly to "zero defects, zero customer complaints, zero diffusion".

Brand History

Enbon logo

Brand sign interpretation

"BLUE COLOR"- Like the sea ,it is our destination
"LED" - Like our life,it is the only work in our life
"EN"  -  English is the tool to open the world
"ENBON" - Coming for the colourful world

Enbon, with their own unique design philosophy and tireless willpower, eager to emerge in the LED industry,
seeks to build a colorful world and increase more beautiful scenery in a world full of sunshine.

Enbon development process


Hongmao Yuanze forces to develop its sales network in domestic and foreign markets. Its performance has doubled compared with that of last year, and its reputation in the industry has greatly increased. Also it has attained The National High-Tech enterprise,Shenzhen High-Tech enterprice,


Hongmao Yuanze continued to innovate, tried new marketing ideas, developed the Chinese mainland market, and strived to create an LED sales myth.We participated different countries led exhibition:korea KOBA ,Japan BEE ,Thailand ,indian Mumbai ,ISE in Amsterdam ,Guangzhou ISLE of China and so on ,full speed expansion of the market all of the world.


Hongmao Yuanze had its total annual foreign trade sales accounting for 70% of total sales. Due to the support of the group headquarters -Enbon Holdings the annual sales reached 0.2 billion, far more than domestic counterparts,created a miracle and started designing enbon private product.
For rental :R1、R5 and RF series
For outdoor front service :FC series
For indoor front service:FS and FS-Plus
For small pitch:COB and FN series 
and other shape of customise led screen.


In the second half of the year, spreading enbon brand ,Hongmao Yuanze established many branches in places like Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, Taipei-Taiwan, and Istanbul-Turkey, for production and sales.Enbon india office opened in Surat,Enbon japan office opened in tokyo.and enbon korea opened in seoul.HongKong Enbon changed to Enbon Holdings Co Ltd.(Calling:Enbon Holdings)


Shenzhen Enbon increased investment in research and development, increased sales network, hence exported its product to different parts the world and has made remarkable achievements. Also Shenzhen Enbon opened network e-commerce sales plan, set up an Enbon studio and an independent company network trade mall.Sametime the branch of Shenzhen Enbon has founded: shenzhen hongmaoyuanze optoelectronic co ltd (Calling:Hongmao Yuanze).


Shenzhen Enbon gained standard certifications for its products, such as ISO: 9001 2000, CE, CCC,ROHS etc.


Hongkong enbon due to its growth, developed to shenzhen enbon optoelectronic co ltd (Calling:Shenzhen Enbon) which focuses on LED application products. The independent establishment of Shenzhen Enbon has its main interest in R & D, production and sales of LED display and LED lighting products. It started Taiwan Market promotion with enbon brand .


HongKong Enbon approved by the board of directors agreed on the sale and production of LED components and steering field LED application products hence its cooperation with Taiwan EPISTAR, Taiwan Guanglei and other keen companies in the LED industry.Then started the planning of a production line in shenzhen.


Hongkong enbon saw an institutional adjustment where the property industry was canceled, instead of the electronic communications, the production and development of LED photoelectronics was the main focus.


Enbon international holdings (HK) Co.Ltd.(Calling:HongKong Enbon), located in Kowloon of Hongkong, started the Enbon Brand growth process. Its companies are: Shuangxiong electronics (HK) Co. Ltd., component industry: HongKong Enbon.

Corporate Culture

  Enbon goal

Be a trusted global supplier of high quality LED products

  Enbon mission

Green innovation and technology, creating colorful world

  Enbon spirit

Strong ambition, strong willpower

  Enbon slogan

Quality creates excellence, reputation cast the future

  Enbon rules

Sureness, conscientious person
Destiny begins with dreams. The dream comes from life. Life is the process of making dreams a destiny, having a dream, and grasping destiny.

  Enbon Management idea

1.quality is the vitality of ENBON's treasure

2. efficiency, service, reputation is ENBON's treasure adherence to the guidelines

3. customer satisfaction and no complaints is the goal of  ENBON's struggle

4. innovation is the market competition sword

5. team management is the important direction of the team building of ENBON's treasure

  Enbon service concept

Strive for one-stop LED series product solutions
Detailed, accurate and thoughtful pre-sale service
Serious, responsible, satisfactory product production, installation and commissioning
Do not delay, high efficiency, the courage to assume after-sales service

Lifelong free product maintenance


Enbon office 1

Enbon office 2

Enbon office 3

Enbon office 4


Enbon Factory 01

Enbon Factory 02

Enbon Factory 03

Enbon Factory 04

Enbon Factory 05

Enbon Factory 06

Enbon Factory 07

Enbon Factory 08

Equipment List

Device name model capacity application
Panasonic Mounter CM402 50K dots/H High speed, high precision, fully automatic placement of electronic components
Panasonic Mounter *2 NPM-D3 Combination 150K dots/H High speed, high precision, fully automatic installation of LED beads
Samsung placement machine*2 471PLUS Combination 140K dots/H High speed, high precision, fully automatic installation of LED beads
Yamaha Placement Machine*2 100-2 8K/H High speed, high precision, fully automatic installation of LED beads
Reflow soldering JTR-1000D 10 temperature zone PCB and electronic components to achieve efficient soldering
Daheng glue filling machine PGB-700 130 modules/H DIP direct plug outdoor module automatic glue filling
sunyoung glue filling machine SY-1060D 180modules/H SMD surface mount outdoor module automatic glue filling
Screw machine SY-S1 2600 screws/H Fixing module screw
Wave soldering E-TR-450 130 lamp boards /H Used for DIP in-line module welding production


Enbon SVHC

Enbon ROHS

Enbon FCC

Enbon EMC

EMC-LED screen
EMC-LED screen

EMC-LED transparent screen
EMC-LED transparent screen

LVD-LED screen
LVD-LED screen

LVD-LED transparent screen
LVD-LED transparent screen

Nation High-tech Enterprise
Nation High-tech Enterprise

Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise