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R3 Series Straight

Enbon R3 series, a giant screen breaks the space limitation and makes long-distance viewing possible. The LED display solution for public events helps customers hold a feast for tens of thousands of people, calls for a group carnival.

  1.  Structure module, control module and display module, realize the general exchange of module, control box and module;
  2. Full front and back maintenance, realize fast maintenance in different occasions.
  3. Die casting aluminum box, strong toughness, high precision, not easy to deform;
  4. Ultra light and thin box, 80mm thick, standard single box only weighs 13.5kg/pcs;
  5. Adopt mute control box, no fan, technology sense and excellent heat dissipation performance, work with zero noise.
  6. The 500x500mm box can be combined with the 500x1000mm box easily, which greatly meets the construction requirements of different areas.

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Product Series Model

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Technical Parameters

R3 Series Straight

  Indoor Outdoor
Pixel Pitch 1.953 2.604 2.976 3.9 2.604 2.976
LED lamp SMD1515 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD2020 SMD1415 SMD1415
Density 262144dots/m2 147456dots/m2 112896dots/m2 65536dots/m2 262144dots/m2 112896dots/m2
Brightness 800-1000nits 800-1000nits 800-1000nits 800-1000nits ≥ 3500nits ≥ 3500nits
IP rating IP31 IP31 IP31 IP31 IP65 IP65
Cabinet  Materiel Die-casting Aluminum Die-casting Aluminum
Scan 32scan 24scan 21scan 16scan 24scan 21scan
Module weight 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg 0.5kg
Cabinet Weight 7.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg 7.5kg 8kg 8kg
Module size 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*500mm 250*500mm
Cabinet size 500*500*85mm 500*500*85mm 500*500*85mm 500*500*85mm 500*500*85mm 500*500*85mm
Module pixel 128*128dots 96*96dots 84*84dots 64*64dots 64*128dots 52*104dots
Cabinet pixel 256*256dots 192*192dots 168*168dots 128*1284dots 192*192dots 168*168dots
Max Power  650w/sqm 500w/sqm 500w/sqm 500w/sqm 550w/sqm 550w/sqm
Average Power  230w/sqm 160w/sqm 160w/sqm 160w/sqm 200w/sqm 200w/sqm
Viewing Angle Horizontal 140(+70/-70) deg               Vertical 140(+70/-70)deg
Control way synchronous/asynchronous
Brightness control 256 level
 Operating system AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI
Work humidity 10% ~ 90%
Work temperature  ﹣20 ~﹢65℃



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